From Donor to Data - Maker Jam Talks

Lunchtime HCA Lab Presentations

Haniffa Lab, Newcastle University

Friday 11 June 2021

The Human Cell Atlas (HCA) is an international research initiative mapping every cell type in the human body. This will transform our understanding of biology and disease, and could revolutionise the way illnesses are diagnosed and treated.

The body has 37 trillion cells, and the HCA community is looking to create a human ‘Google map’, which researchers can zoom into to understand every human cell type, across time from development to old age. This global effort is revolutionising our understanding of health and disease and will lead to new diagnostics and treatments and transform future healthcare.

Lunch Time Human Cell Atlas Labs Talks

This is your chance to meet members of the Human Cell Atlas community and learn more about the research happening in labs across the UK, including Cambridge, London, Newcastle and Oxford. We are hosting a series of 1-hour ‘Lunchtime Lab Talks’ throughout the Maker Jam week of activity, giving the opportunity to talk to  biologists, clinicians, technologists, physicists, computational scientists, software engineers, and mathematicians involved in shaping the future of our healthcare.




Human Cell Atlas Members of the Haniffa Lab, Newcastle University

5 mins: Emily Stephenson – The human immune response to COVID-19 – a multi center study

5 mins: Issac Goh – From Biology to pointillism: A journey through big data

5 mins: Dr Beth Poyner – Skin cell atlas: perspective of a clinical trainee

5 mins: Dr Rachel Botting Human – YS and developing skin: a tale of two membranes

5 mins: Dr Michael Mather – Otitis media: resEARching the role of adenoid-resident immune cells in persistent middle ear inflammation

5 mins: Jim McGrath – Balancing the scales – fitting big data into human perception

20 mins: Q&A