HCA Data Portal

The Human Cell Atlas (HCA) community is profiling tens of millions of human cells, a process that generates enormous amounts of data that scientists need to store, standardize and interpret.

The HCA Data Portal stores and provides single-cell data contributed by labs around the world. The cloud-based platform houses community generated, multi-omic, open and managed access data. Anyone can use the HCA Data Portal to find and access data, or access community tools and applications used to create the Atlases.

The HCA Data Portal includes dedicated webpages for each HCA Biological Network and will include HCA Atlases from each Biological Network as they become available. The Data Explorer interface acts as the heart of the Portal, to help find and explore HCA datasets.

All data contributors and data users must abide by the HCA Data Release Policy, which ensures that data is as freely and openly available as possible while protecting the rights of data generators to be the first to present or publish large-scale analyses of their results.

Operated by a dedicated team of engineers and bioinformaticians who assist scientists with the data preparation, submission and interrogation, the HCA Data Portal is continuously developed and improved in response to researchers’ needs and feedback.

Start exploring the datasets of the Human Cell Atlas now at https://data.humancellatlas.org


You can submit human (and primate and mouse) single-cell and single-nuclei transcriptomic, epigenomic and imaging data.

To submit your data to the HCA or ask questions about contributing data (acceptable data types, formats, metadata requirements), please contact our Data Wrangler team at wrangler-team@data.humancellatlas.org


If you have any questions about the data portal, about contributing analysis tools/pipelines, or to provide feedback,  please contact our Data Portal team at data-help@humancellatlas.org.