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Existence and importance of cellular composition of various human tissues

Scientists From All Over Will Congregate In Calcutta Today And Tomorrow For The Annual Meeting ...

The Inquiry - What is the Human Cell Atlas? - BBC Sounds

Hear Aviv Regev, Sarah Teichmann, Piero Carninci and Sean Bendall explain why scientists are collecting biological data from around the world to create the Human Cell Atlas.

Scientists are on a quest to map the human body cell by cell, charting where and why disease happens

The Human Cell Atlas’ overarching goal is to create a fine-grained picture of a healthy ...

Toronto researchers part of human atlas project

Researchers at the University of Toronto have been interviewed ahead of the HCA General Meeting in Toronto

Immune Cartographers: The Scientists Mapping the Immune Cell Atlas

This article will discuss progress on the development of the Immune Cell Atlas, the different ...

Single-Cell Atlas of Human Lung Highlights Differences Between Healthy, Diseased States

The atlas, based on data from nearly 40 prior studies, also identified new lung cell ...

Gene genius: how the placenta project is unlocking the secrets of our cells | Genetics | The Guardian

The Human Cell Atlas is already helping to ensure safer pregnancies, and scientists believe it will help them understand many other conditions.

A cartography of human histology is in the making

Article in The Economist is re-posted on Yahoo Finance

A cartography of human histology is in the making

It will identify and locate every type of cell in the human body

How human cell atlases provide the missing links between genes, diseases and therapies

Review of Nature Medicine article that describes the potential of cell atlases in shaping the future of medicine. 

Human Cell Atlas Roundtable: Regev and Teichmann | Forum

Aviv Regev and Sarah Teichmann talk with Senior Editor Barbara Cheifet about the development and exciting recent progress of the Human Cell Atlas project.

国際協力で作る「人体のグーグルマップ」 細胞ひとつひとつ分析

"Google Map of the Human Body" Created through International Cooperation Analyzing Individual Cells

The human body has 37 trillion cells. If we can work out what they all do, the results could revolutionise healthcare

Pioneered by the Human Cell Atlas consortium, our understanding of the human body is about ...

Mapping the Body’s Defense System: The Immune Cell Atlas

This article will provide an introduction to the Immune Cell Atlas, highlight some of the ...

'This project is yielding huge discoveries almost every day; it's incredibly exciting'

No less sweeping than the earlier survey of the human genome, the international Human Cell Atlas project ... 

Atlas de células humanas: se abre la puerta a un nuevo mundo

Atlas of human cells: the door opens to a new world

From the Map of the Human Body to Synthetic Cells | Sarah Teichmann | TEDxCambridgeUniversity

TEDx talk by Sarah Teichmann at Cambridge University March 2022

Latest Human Cells Atlas reveals more of the unknown world inside our bodies

An international consortium has analyzed more than 60 million cells, showing a microuniverse more intricate ...

Pioneer of Human Cell Atlas explains why it's a milestone - STAT

Landmark tissue atlases were published in four studies in Science, showing the creation of detailed maps of more than a million cells across 33 organs. 

Single-Cell Transcriptome Resource From Human Cell Atlas Team Yields Immune, Disease Insights

Researchers tallied expression features across hundreds of cell types with single-cell or -nucleus sequencing on ...

Sequencing one cell at a time

New advances that allow scientists to uncover the molecular differences between individual cells could revolutionise ...

Blood, Immune Cell Formation in Fetal Bone Marrow Detailed in Cell Atlas Effort

The researchers found that blood and immune cells quickly diversify within fetal bone marrow, but ...

Gut Cell Atlas Will Transform Research Into Intestinal Diseases

A new large-scale study mapped the cells in the human gut from early development through ...

Atlas visar vägen till hjärnans utveckling

Atlas shows the way to brain development. Interview with Sten Linnarsson

Five trendy technologies: where are they now?

A look at notable research tools and projects that have rocketed to prominence reveals some common routes to success.

Building the Ultimate Map of the Human Body

Thousands of researchers from more than 70 countries are developing a comprehensive map of every ...

Des biologistes réalisent un séquençage inédit de chaque cellule humaine

Biologists carry out an unprecedented sequencing of each human cell

Covid-19 infects cell factors ‘more abundant in the elderly, men, and smokers’

Clinical observations throughout the pandemic also suggest these groups tend to be more severely affected ...

Skin Cell Atlas Elucidates Pathological Cell States Underlying Inflammatory Skin Diseases

Researchers profiled the transcriptomes of more than 500,000 single skin cells.

La nariz es muy vulnerable a la infección por covid-19: llevar la mascarilla a medias es peligroso

The nose is very vulnerable to covid-19 infection: wearing a half mask is dangerous

Detailed map of human heart could guide personalised treatments – study

The map allows researchers to understand how the organ functions, and enables them to shed ...

Single-Cell Transcriptome Atlas of the Human Heart Highlights Heterogeneity

Using transcription data from cells and nuclei, the researchers uncovered heterogeneity within cardiac cells and ...

New Initiative Aims to Build Organoid Cell Atlas

The European project will use single-cell profiling technologies to build well-characterized in vitro models of ...

Researchers identify which cells are vulnerable to infection from the coronavirus

Gene expression patters suggest these are the cells that the virus can infect first.

Coronavirus: Durch die Nase in den Körper

Coronavirus: Through the nose into the body

Identificades cèl·lules nasals com a inici de la infecció del coronavirus

Nasal cells identified as the start of coronavirus infection

COVID-19 research indicates SARS-CoV-2 exploits immune defences to drive infection

Under 10 percent of respiratory and intestinal cells are susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 and susceptibility may ...

Cell atlas of the human thymus reveals origins of the immune system

Scientists have mapped the cells of the human thymus which could lead to improved immune ...

Mapping cells to build a complete atlas of the human body

An international team makes progress

An Atlas of Our Cells

Hundreds of researchers team up to map the human body's trillions of cells, and ...

Biological Cartographers Seek To Map The Trillions Of Cells In The Human Body

There's an effort underway to make a new atlas of all the cells in the human body.

37 trillion pieces of you: The plan to map the entire human body

The workings of the myriad cells that make us are a huge mystery. A vast new project is changing that

Single-cell sequencing is opening up new avenues for potential treatments

By quickly analyzing thousands — even millions — of cells, it’s now possible to visualize the ...

The Human Cell Atlas Is Biologists' Latest Grand Project

The goal is to create a massive map of everything we know about all the ...

Ambitious 'Human Cell Atlas' Aims To Catalog Every Type Of Cell In The Body

Already the project has revealed a previously unknown type of cell in the windpipe that might play a role in cystic fibrosis.

There's an International Effort to Map all 37 Trillion Cells in Your Body

The human body contains more than 37 trillion cells – and Sarah Teichmann wants to map ...

Episode 45: February 2018

Podcast - Sarah Teichman talks about the effort to map every cell in the human body, at 25.57 minutes.

How scientists are mapping the building blocks of life

A microscopic moonshot hopes to revolutionize biology

Philanthropic Funding Makes Waves in Basic Science

Private funders are starting to support big projects, and they’re rewriting the playbook on fueling scientific research.

Human Cell Atlas: The plan to map every cell in your body

A massive new project called the Human Cell Atlas hopes to transform our understanding of ...

Sanger Institute scientist helps unveil blueprint for extraordinary Human Cell Atlas

A collection of maps of the human body will act as an open resource to ...

Human Cell Atlas Consortium Aims to Complete First Draft by 2022

Such an atlas could enable investigators to understand how genetic variants impact disease risk, define ...

Mapping The Human Body – One Cell At a Time

Mapping The Last Frontier of the Body. Q&A with Sarah Teichmann

The Human Cell Atlas | Genetics and Genomics | JN Learning | AMA Ed Hub

This podcast discusses an international project to map all cell types and states in the ...


Aviv Regev is a maven of hard-core biological analyses. Now she is part of an ...

Human Cell Atlas Opens a New Window to Health and Disease

An international project is set to detail how every cell type in the body functions

Human Cell Atlas data platform kicks off with support from CZI

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) has announced financial support for the Human Cell Atlas, which ...

UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute Joins Human Cell Atlas Initiative

The institute will work with other HCA members to build a data-coordination platform for the ...

Enabled by Single-Cell Genomics, International Team Launches Human Cell Atlas Initiative

The researchers will use single-cell genomics and other approaches to generate information that could ultimately ...

BBC Radio 4 - BBC Inside Science, HFC Ban; Human Cell Atlas; Origin of Hunting with Dogs

A map of the 37 trillion cells in the body and when did humans first ...

A Google Maps For The Human Body

A group of scientists has taken the first important steps towards creating the Human Cell ...

Human Cell Atlas project aims to map the human body's 35 trillion cells | Human biology | The Guardian

Aiming to decipher the types and properties of every cell, the project will attempt to ...

The 'human atlas' unveiled: Researchers reveal project to map EVERY cell in our bodies

Scientists launched a global initiative on Friday to map out and describe every cell in ...