Below are the list of papers that are part of the Human Cell Atlas.

HCA Publication Committee is comprised of HCA Organizing Committee members. The committee convenes quarterly and reviews submitted publications to check if the described study section in the publication fits within HCA technical scope. The review by the HCA Publication Committee does not serve as peer review.

Any member of the HCA community can submit their publication for review through this google form. The committee will only review papers submitted with a complete draft or a link to a preprint.

Three committee members will be assigned to each paper and each will vote if the publication should become part of the HCA. If there is no consensus among 3 assigned committee members, the paper will be brought to the entire committee for additional review, to be decided by majority vote.

To submit your paper for review please complete this form.

Please ensure when sending your paper for review, that you have included a data availability statement, this can be either a reference to actual data or an explicit data release plan.

The following statement should be included in the acknowledgement section of the paper:

This publication is part of the Human Cell Atlas -

Once the paper has been added to bioRXiv, advise the bioRXiv DOI to ensure the paper is listed under the bioRXiv HCA channel.

HCA Membership

Any individual may become an HCA Member by registering and agreeing to abide by the ethical standards and principles of the HCA, described in the HCA white paper. An HCA member who additionally participates in an HCA project or serves as a member of an HCA group (as defined by the HCA Organizing Committee) will be designated as an HCA Collaborating Member.

Further details are available on the Join HCA page.


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General publication enquiries should be directed to