Eye Biological Network

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Visual disorders affect approximately 440 million people worldwide, and understanding the visual system is critical to treating these disorders. The visual system is composed of both structural parts, such as the cornea and lens, and light-sensing parts, the retina. The retina, made up of seven neuron classes, processes the light signal into an electric signal that is relayed to the visual cortex in the brain. Notably, the retina is part of the central nervous system and shares neuron organization patterns and vascular structure with the brain, but is much more accessible than other CNS tissues. This allows it to provide direct insights into the human brain.

The eye biological network will establish a comprehensive molecular and spatial atlas of the cells in the visual system across age and ethnicity groups. This resource will serve the foundation for further dissection of the function, interaction, and involvement of subtypes of cells in the visual function and diseases.

Network Coordinators:

  • Rui Chen
  • Ayellet Segrè

Coordinator email: