Donate my Body, Bequeath my Data

HCA Member Lunchtime Post Pack Design Session

Tuesday 9 February, 12-1pm

Hosted on Zoom

Please join us for a 1 hour lunchtime workshop that collaboratively explores Stacey Pitsillides and Holly Standing’s commission entitled Embodying Normality: Donate my Body, Bequeath my Data.

The project explores post-death rituals, with a particular focus on how tissue and organ donation can become a gift to the next generation. It will also examine how the digital age has presented new opportunities and challenges when it comes to someone’s personal data after death.

This co-design workshop will explore the role that the bodies of the dead may serve in society and how ideas of normality may shift with new rituals, constructing a richer whole through a series of design probes.

During this session we will explore the development of a set of public facing post kits that will be mailed out to participants. By exploring these kits we will engage questions about how to develop science-based communication and speculation for the public, alongside the ethical presentation of themes of body and tissue donation.

Your ideas and critiques of the works in progress are fundamental to the development of the tone and language of these design tools – we hope this discussion will be a stimulating interdisciplinary exchange.