How to build a Human: Design a Card Game Challenge

Teacher CPD and School Challenge National Launch

Friday 8 January 2021, 4-5pm


The How to Build a Human: Design a Card Game Challenge is designed to stretch your students’ imagination and develop their creativity skills by learning all about the Human Cell Atlas (HCA).

The challenge is simple, students will design a card game inspired by the Human Cell Atlas and their knowledge of human cells and tissues. The best design will be chosen by award winning game designer Richard Heayes, HCA scientists at the Wellcome Sanger Institute and Little Inventors. 

The students who submit the winning card game concept will work with Heayes Design to have their game developed into a real product which will be sent to every participating school across the UK! The winning game will also be featured in a national touring exhibition as part of One Cell At a Time, a year-long arts project exploring the areas where art and science meet within the Human Cell Atlas.

Teacher CPD webinar

Join us for our 1 hour teachers’ CPD webinar and challenge launch on 8 January 2021. This session is designed to support participating schools get the most out of our free downloadable teaching resources that support delivery of the Key Stage 3 science curriculum through a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths) led activity. We will also be launching our challenge website and you will have time to ask any questions you may have to our team of partners including Little Inventors, HCA and Heayes Design. Check out our challenge website here.

The How to Build a Human: Design a Card Game schools challenge has been developed by Little Inventors and the Wellcome Sanger Institute, in partnership with Heayes Design, and is funded by Wellcome Trust.





This agenda may be subject to small changes to the running order.

4.00 Introduction to Human Cell Atlas – Anna Wilbrey-Clark 

4.05 Introduction to One Cell At A Time and the Schools Challenge – Suzy O’Hara 

4.10 Introduction to Teachers Downloadable Resource Pack Contents – Ellie Birkead 

4.20 Introduction to Evaluation Questionnaires – Helix Research 

4.25 Introduction to Game Design Element – Richard Heayes 

4.30 Walk through of Challenge website & uploading ideas – Dominic Wilcox

4.45 Q&A from audience

5.00 Finish