Human Cell Atlas UK: One Cell At A Time ArtSci Exchange

One Cell At A Time Public Engagement – Project Launch

Wednesday 25 November, 2-5pm

Hosted on Zoom


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We are delighted to invite you to the interactive launch of the HCA UK public engagement project One cell at a time: Bringing together communities, patients and researchers to build the Human Cell Atlas.  

One cell at a time is an ambitious programme of public engagement activities that will explore fundamental questions embedded within the HCA research such as “What does it mean to be normal?” and “What influences peoples’ value and trust in research involving tissue donation and open access data?”. Our aim is to improve the value and trust people place in pioneering scientific research generated by HCA members, and help identify areas of unmet need that the HCA could tackle. 

As a HCA member, we need your support.  

Situated at the nexus of art and science, One Cell At a Time is already proving to be a powerful opportunity to catalyze new thinking, knowledge and collaborative ways of working between artists, scientists and diverse communities across the UK and beyond. Join us to hear more about commissioned HCA projects, workshops and schools challenges and find out how you can get involved.

HCA Members are invited to prepare a 2 minute lightning verbal introduction detailing:

  • Their name and institution
  • The role within HCA
  • Their area of research
  • What interested them about the commissioned project presented.

We will be using the Q&A and live polling platform SLIDO to facilitate real time audience interaction during this virtual session. If you are new to Slido, have a look at the resources below to get better acquainted with the software.

Please submit questions ahead of time here.


This agenda may be subject to small changes to the running order.

2.00 Introduction by One Cell at a Time Project Curator Suzy O’Hara 


Human Cell Atlas - ArtSci Commissions

2.05 The Story of Human Cell Atlas by Esther Teichmann and Christopher Stewart

2.20 HCA members Lightening introductions x 2min

2.30 Performing Normality (Cambridge): A way of doing things by Anna Macdonald 

2.45 HCA members Lightening introductions x 2min

2.55 Embodying Normality (Newcastle upon Tyne): Donate my Body, Bequeath my Data 

3.10 HCA members Lightening introductions x 2min


3.20 Break 


3.30  Sensing Normality (London): Encompass: Navigating New Norms by Baum & Leahy

3.45  HCA members Lightening introductions x 2min

3.55 Speculative Normality (Oxford): Call of the Silent Cell (working title) by boredomresearch 

4.10 Breakout Rooms x 5: Discuss Artist led Provocations 

Future Talent 

4.30 How to build a Human: Design a Card Game Challenge by Little Inventors & Richard Heayes - design a card game

4.45 Breakout Room: Facilitated by Little Inventors & Hayes Game Design  

5.00 Finish 

HCA UK: One Cell At A Time ArtSci Exchange is a series of three distinct but connected events that will be delivered during the lifecycle of the One Cell At a Time Public Engagement project. Through a curated series of online discussions, presentations and workshops we will bring commissioned artists and creatives together with scientists working on the HCA initiative through cross-disciplinary exchange, networking and collaboration. We will grow a community of artists and creatives who explore the science of HCA critically and materially throughout its trajectory and development. In doing so,  hope to collectively shape novel approaches to engaging diverse communities with the pioneering scientific research generated by its members.  

The UK project is funded by a Research Enrichment Grant from Wellcome Trust, which has been awarded to HCA members spanning multiple institutions, including: Wellcome Sanger Institute, Cambridge, UK; EMBL-EBI, Cambridge, UK; University of Cambridge, Cambridge UK; Newcastle University, Newcastle UK; King’s College London, UK; University of Oxford, Oxford, UK.  The work has been developed with the support of the Wellcome Genome Campus Public Engagement (WGC PE) team.  The Principal Investigator on the grant is Sarah Teichmann, Head of Cellular Genetics at Wellcome Sanger Institute and co-chair of the HCA.