New HCA Data Portal
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16 November 2023

The HCA Data Portal has been redesigned and is now live online.

The new HCA Data Portal features individual webpages for each of the 18 HCA Biological Networks, where information on their Atlases will be posted.

The first initial HCA Lung and Nervous System Atlases are now available on the Data Portal. The Brain Atlases were produced by BICCN and published last month in Science, and will form the foundation for the HCA Nervous System Atlas. Additional HCA Atlases will be published on the corresponding Biological Network pages as they are released.

The new Data Portal includes an updated Data Explorer interface where people can find and explore all HCA datasets. It will also include links to CZ CELLxGENE and other portals where HCA Atlases can be viewed and queried.

Thanks to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative for their continued financial support for the HCA Data Portal. To access the Data Portal, please visit .