One Cell At A Time: Young Poets Challenge

Image Credit: Robert Hooke’s own illustration of his compound microscope and a drawing of the cells in a slice of cork

One Cell At A Time: Young Poets Challenge Winners

We are delighted to announce the winners of the One Cell At A Time poetry challenge, run in collaboration with The Poetry Society’s Young Poets Network with Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts (NCLA).

Young people aged 25 and under were challenged to write poems that played with the language and sounds of the ground-breaking research from the Human Cell Atlas.

The competition, ‘The Language of Cells – Poetic Science?’,  received over 300 entries from 23 countries worldwide, including India, China, Nigeria and New Zealand, Bangladesh and Kazakhstan.

All six of the winning poems inspired by the language of the Human Cell Atlas research can be heard and read below,  and also on the Young Poets Network website.

The competition was judged by a panel led by poet and critic Theresa Muñoz from NCLA, One Cell at a Time project curator Dr. Suzy O’Hara, and Newcastle University scientist Professor Muzlifah Haniffa.

Congratulations to the winners:

1st prize: ‘Centriole’, Anna Bailey, 19, North Yorkshire, England

2nd prize: ‘Epithelium’, Kitty Joyce, 17, Oxford, England

3rd prize: ‘Apoptosis’, Matilda Houston-Brown, 19, Stoke-on-Trent, England

Commended: ‘The distance between us’, Lauren Mappledoram, 25, London, England

Commended: ‘Membrane’, Alannah Young, 21, Paris, France

Commended: ‘Cytoplasm’, Nadia Lines, 19, Hertfordshire, England

The One Cell At A Time team also congratulates the longlisted poets in this challenge:

Madeleine Aase-Remedios, Sairah Ahsan, Aliyah Begum, Alex Bond, Dale Booton, Dillon Butt, Jack Cooper, Faith Cunningham, Eleanor Dakin, Kaycee Hill, Hannah Hodgson, Jayant Kashyap, Alice Oldacre, Karishma Sangtani, Scarlett-Rose, Ellora Sutton, Alannah Taylor, Yvanna Vien Tica, Jhermayne Ubalde, Amy Wolstenholme, Lauren Young and Vinci Yung.

For more information about the poetry challenge, please visit the Young Poets Network.