Human Cell Atlas

Workshop on Model Systems, Organoids and the Human Cell Atlas

Hosted by the Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology (BIMSB) and the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC). Jointly organised by Nikolaus Rajewsky and Ido Amit. 

The Human Cell Atlas aims to provide a reference map of the human body at single cell resolution. It would be clearly synergistic for a huge community of researchers and clinical scientists if current and future efforts to study model systems at single cell resolution (mouse, fly, worm, organoids, and many others) would join forces and combine methods and data handling/interpretation within the HCA and vice versa. For example, cross-model comparisons may help to pinpoint key cell types and molecules involved in lineage decisions, reveal evolutionary inventions, and may allow to interpret genetic disease models (for example in mouse) by mapping to human or other systems.

The aim of the one day workshop is to bring together leading experts in a large diversity of model systems who are interested to discuss common goals and the best ways to organize synergies, from methods to analytical development to data standards and data storage/analyses platforms.

Attendance at this meeting is by invitation only.  


The meeting will take place at Radialsystem V, Berlin, Germany [map]


Download the poster here.



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