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The participants in the Human Cell Atlas will meet regularly to share information and to plan work for the initiative. These meetings are hosted by participant institutions throughout the world.

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    Upcoming Meetings

    • HCA Computational Methods - Stockholm, 1-2 June 2017

      Hosted by the Karolinska Institute

      Invitees will discuss the computational methods that will be crucial to the success of the Human Cell Atlas. The meeting will aim to strengthen links between the computational and experimental communities. It will define and prioritize biological questions and challenges whilst also optimizing experimental design for computational success.

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    • HCA General Meeting - Rehovot, 18-19 October 2017

      Hosted by the Weizmann Institute of Science

      This meeting will discuss the progress that the Human Cell Atlas has made in a year since the Launch Meeting and will make plans to ensure further success in the future.

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    Past Meetings

    • Technology Development - Stanford, March 2017

      This Human Cell Atlas meeting was held at Stanford University on 23–24 February 2017, hosted by The Chan Zuckerberg Biohub and Chan Zuckerberg Science.

      Invitees gathered in order to formulate recommendations to advance the Human Cell Atlas project. In particular, this meeting focused on addressing the technological challenges and opportunities presented by the Human Cell Atlas in areas including large-scale single-cell RNA sequencing, spatially-resolved methods, single-cell proteomics, epigenomics, and sample handling. The meeting also addressed quality controls, benchmarking and method comparison.

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    • Human Cell Atlas Launch Meeting. London, October 2016

      The International Human Cell Atlas Initiative was launched at a meeting at The Wellcome Trust in London on Oct 13-14 2016. Here, experts from around the world – convened by Wellcome, the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard – met to discuss how to shape the Human Cell Atlas.

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