Cellular Biology 2120 - a luncheon time travel with Baum & Leahy

Wednesday 21 April, 1 – 1.45pm BST

HCA luncheon internal workshop

for HCA researchers


Join One Cell At A Time artists Baum & Leahy on an informal luncheon time travel into the future, to imagine the legacy of cellular biology.


The year is 2120. What have we discovered about our cells? What impact has it had on how we relate to ourselves, each other and the world? How do we judge what’s human, normal, healthy or unhealthy? What is the role of cellular biology in society? Is it conspicuous, secret, open, forgotten?

Ahead of their next public workshop, artists Baum & Leahy invite HCA members to take a long view and project themselves 99 years into the future. In this 45min session, Baum & Leahy will guide you through a short meditation, before engaging in a quick fire brainstorming session about the future of cellular biology and the lives of future generations. You can be as realistic or fantastical as you like! Your ideas will inform the narrative of the public workshop which will take the form of a future cellular ceremony.

Bring your sandwiches and your hopes for the legacy of your field!

Baum & Leahy is a creative duo who collaborates with scientists to open up, question and sensorialise scientific research into tactile, participatory experiences and installations. www.baumleahy.com Insta: @baumleahy

They are commissioned by One Cell At A Time, part of the Human Cell Atlas. The work was funded by Wellcome Trust Grant 218597/Z/19/Z.